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   Three stories in one book.

Burger Run.

w w w . m o o d f l o w . c o m
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   Tossed across light years a man finds himself on a strange planet along with a ship, it's crew and a small group of scientists.
   Now it's a race against time as they try to figure out why they are here. Time is running out for them and the future of several races hang in the balance.
                                         Sci-fi, action, romance.

Infinitive Thought.

   See if you can stretch your mind around this one about a mysterious patient and a fantastic tale that his doctors must believe before time runs out.... or else!
                                  Sci-fi, drama.

Gateway Near Infinity.

   After traveling through a giant wormhole a scientist finds a beautiful new world and a ravishing woman with green skin, silver hair!
   Now they and her people must must solve a deadly problem to save her planet.... and his beloved Earth!
                                 Sci-fi, romance.

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